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Goat Tracks: An Introduction

I used to think of myself as a walker/hiker who makes pictures along the way. Now I think I'm essentially a foot-powered photographer...


On one of the iconic chinkabashi (submersible bridges designed to withstand flooding) on the Shimanto River, Shikoku, 2017.

The walking and photography bugs first bit when I lived in Japan from 2000, taking shots to document my mountain-hiking mania. I began teaching myself to use a camera (a tiny point-&-shoot) more creatively while living in Switzerland in 2010 - all that beauty and history and winter wildness was inspirational. But it was during two years working in South Korea that I really pushed myself to learn, to improve and especially to see. I walked all over the place in my free time, making thousands and thousands of images, occasionally even some good ones. 

I walk every day in the Sandgate area of beautiful bayside Brisbane & never leave the house without a camera or two. Occasionally I do multi-week or even multi-month hikes - moving through a landscape on foot has influenced not only the type of gear I use but also my artistic style. Photography is a gift that has helped me experience the outdoors even more intimately and vividly. It's also a great excuse to pause, dump the backpack, and immerse myself in the place, the action, the moment. 

Oh, the "Goat"? It was my trail name on some great American hikes: the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Goats are awesome, in case you didn't know:

A fellow goat I met one chilly morning on the Shikoku Pilgrimage, 2017.

I hope you enjoy my pictures. All images may be purchased as prints - just drop me a message. You'll find a list of my walks on the ABOUT > WALKING page. I'm also on Instagram: just click the icon on the bottom-right, or see my posts right here on MY DAILY INSTAGRAM IMAGE. You can also get in touch via CONTACT.

~ 山羊 ~

Some of my favourite subjects & styles.