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Ian G. "Goat" Fraser's walking achievements.

A list of photographer Ian G. "Goat" Fraser's walking/hiking achievements.

Goat Tracks: A Rambler's Résumé

I recall when I was small
How I spent my days alone
The busy world was not for me
So I went and found my own
— Steely Dan, 'The Caves of Altamira'


Japan, where I lived for three years & have returned several times, was where I became interested in photography & utterly obsessed with mountains & hiking. My walking adventures there have included:

  • Takao-San, Tokyo (over 20 times)

  • Kumotori-Yama, highest peak in Tokyo Prefecture and my first real hike in Japan (twice)

  • Mt Fuji from the bottom (3,776m; 21 hours, much of it miserable) 

  • OkutamaChichibu & Tanzawa regions (numerous hikes)

  • Two multi-day walks down the Izu Peninsula

  • A week-long traverse of the North Alps from Muroto to Kamikochi (2001)

  • North Alps starting from Hakuba

  • Nantai-San, Nikko

  • Hakone including a surviving section of the historic Tokaido footpath

  • A South Alps trip starting with an ascent of Kita-Dake, Japan's 2nd-highest peak

  • A failed late-winter attempt (in 2008) to walk the length of Japan from north-eastern Hokkaido - injured early & freezing constantly, I quit after 11 days of limping inland from Sapporo to Sounkyo Onsen

  •  30 days walking through Shikoku (first of three trips) in 2008, starting at Takamatsu, through the centre via Tsurugi-San (highest peak in western Japan), down to the coast at Kochi, then up via the west coast to Matsuyama; along the way, a full-length walk of the 196km Shimanto River, Japan's last undammed river, from source to mouth

  • Mitsutoge-Yama

  • Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Asahi-Dake to Tomuraushi-Yama (2015)

  •  Extinct volcanoes Iwaki-SanHakkoda-San, Aomori Prefecture (2015)

  • A 2nd ascent of Kita-Dake &  three nights in the South Alps (2015)

  • Yatsu-ga-Take

  • Some rural walking in Nara

  • Koya-San, Wakayama, where Kobo Daishi (founding figure in the Shikoku Pilgrimage mythology) is interred

  • The network of ancient pilgrimage trails known as the Kumano Kodō  (four days on the Kohechi & two on the Naka-Hechi, 2015)

  • A complete gyaku-uchi (anti-clockwise) circuit of the ancient 88-Temple Shikoku Henro (pilgrimage), over 47 days (2015)

  • A 2nd complete 88-Temple Henro circuit (2017), clockwise, taking 52 days including rest days and...

  • A 2nd journey along the Shimanto River from source to sea

  • Across the Inland Sea from Shikoku to Honshu via the bridges & islands of the Shimanami-Kaido (2015)

  • A 655.74km early-spring walk from the extreme north of Kyushu, Japan's 3rd-largest island, to the deep south, mostly following the eastern coast (2018) 

The typically over-enlarged feet of Kobo Daishi, around whose life & mythology Shikoku's 88 Temple Pilgrimage evolved, as represented in a huge statue on the mountain climb to Shosan-ji, temple #12, Tokushima.


I lived there in 2012 & 2013, teaching at a junior-high school in JangyuSouth Gyeongsang Province.

  • I walked all over the south-east; did countless miles in the 2nd city of Busan & along the coast & beaches north of the city; visited Jeju Island in Winter

  • Coastal Tongyeong & an island offshore

  • The ancient capital of Gyeongju (twice)

  •  Gwangju

  • Seoul - lots of mountain hiking & two days walking the Han River banks

  • Geoje Island

  •  Seorak-San (including stealth-camping on the summit of Korea's 3rd-highest peak, Daecheong-Bong)

  •  Countless day-walks around Gimhae

  • Bun-San Fortress (multiple times)

  • Numerous hikes in the peaks surrounding Jangyu, where I lived, including Yongji-BongJangyu Temple, the ridge-hike to Daeam-San and neighbouring peaks

  • A 13-day summer road-walk up the east coast from Busan to Sokcho

Wild azaleas & fast-moving hikers in bad weather on one of the numerous trails to the summit of Yongji-Bong, near Jangyu, South Korea.


  • Appalachian Trail (2,175 miles): Starting on Springer Mountain GA, the southern terminus, in 2004, I was stricken with compartment syndrome and much later, stress fractures in both legs; I quit halfway through, at 501 Shelter, eastern Pennsylvania

  • I returned to 501 Shelter in 2006, after a two-day traverse of the Gettysburg Battlefield, and completed the second thousand miles. Along the way, I took...

  • A two-week detour from the Appalachian Trail with a friend to hike the Long Trail to the Canadian border, before returning to the A.T.

  • In 2010 I hiked well over 2,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border, through the length of California and then Oregon, quitting at the Washington border.  Along the way, I also walked...

  • The entire John Muir Trail, from the top of Mt Whitney, highest point in the Lower 48, to its northern terminus

  • Several winter & summer hikes in Upstate New York, including the southern Adirondacks in both Summer & Winter (snowshoeing), plus a couple of walks through the Saratoga Battlefield

  • The Great Saunter, a 30-odd-mile circuit of Manhattan Island along the banks of the East & Harlem Rivers

August 22, 2006: A near-whiteout on the summit of Katahdin, Maine, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.


Three months in late Autumn/early Winter of 2010, with highlights including...

  • The Grindelwald area including the base of the Eiger

  • Zermatt & surrounds in the Matterhorn region

  • Rigi Kulm, "Queen of Mountains"

  • LucerneSattel Hochstuckli; the Zugerberg & mountain trails overlooking the Zugersee; a walk from Raten to Baar

  • A complete circuit of the Urnersee (arm of the Vierwaldstättersee, or Lake Lucerne) via the Weg der Schweiz (Swiss Path)

  • A circuit of the Zugersee (Lake Zug)

  • Melchsee Frutt

  • HunenbergWart, and numerous farmland rambles near Zug

  • Lugano & a hike via Lake Lugano to the summit of Monte Brè

  •  Numerous (freezing) urban walks in old cities including ChurFribourgSt GallenBaselZürich and Neuchâtel

Descending from Monte Brè, Lugano, in the Italian part of Switzerland, after a sensational winter hike, 2010.


Nothing too extreme (no car/big country) - most of the thousands of km I've done here has been urban/suburban or coastal walking. But I have done...

  • The South Coast Track (Tasmania)

  • The Great Ocean Walk (Victoria)

  • Some hiking in the Green Mountains of South-East Queensland

  • A fair bit of walking in the Glasshouse Mountains, S.E. QLD

  • Five complete 60-mile circuits of Moreton Island via its beaches as well as walking most of its length through the middle

Admiring another spectacular dawn at Cape Moreton after crossing the northern end of Moreton Island, world's 3rd-largest sand island, 2015.

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